Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gifts for Primary Sponsors

Just when Yeng and I thought our wedding preps were almost complete, we were faced with the question on what gifts to give our ninongs and ninangs. I know that this is a small detail relative to the big wedding picture, but when you're running a tight ship with regards to budget, everything needs to be carefully planned and thought of.

We were hoping to get something that was not consumable, something that will remind them of us and our wedding, and something that will not end up in the bin. From what we have seen in the weddings we have attended, the gift usually given to the ninongs and ninangs are fine wine, whiskey or liquor. Though I can appreciate a good bottle of red wine and the occasional good whiskey (especially of the single malt variety), this didn't match our non-consumable requirement. So we went for a quick google search and it showed us less desirable selections such as souvenir keepsakes, which if not carefully chosen will probably just end up in the bin.

This was turning out to be more difficult than what it initially seemed.

I tried to remember the nicer gifts that my mom has received as a Ninang. I can remember a gold plated Flora/Fauna 2 peso coin (the one with the tamaraw and Andres Bonifacio) that she received once. Hmmm too expensive and not really reflective of Yeng and I, or our wedding.

I also remember reading in one of the forums I'm a member of about a couple that gave a Ramon Orlina glass scuplture to each sponsor. Wow! That couple must be loaded because an Orlina would cost anywhere from PhP180k and up. Nice idea though, but we're not kids of congressmen or Manny Pacquiao (Oh wait the Pac-Man is a congressman!).

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we decided that something that we saw during our trip to Davao would be a good gift idea. No it's not durian, pomelo or mangosteen. It's also not a Philippine eagle feather or egg. Pearls would have been a good idea, but I dont think it's fair to the Ninongs. Bottomline is, we think it's worth keeping, it's personal, and can be be a good reminder of our wedding. Only question is would it be qithin budget?

After a quick check and some negotiations with the potential "supplier", it was within our budget! Perfect!

Of course we can't divulge what it is. But we are hoping that our Ninongs and Ninangs would like it,as much as we do.
What about you? What gift did you give your Ninong/Ninangs? Or what was the best gift you received as a Ninong or Ninang?


Jaimee said...

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Thanks! happy planning!

Joanna Marie Pascual said...

Totally useless! I'm sorry, but I thought you'll give your reader an idea of what to give to their primary sponsors as a gift.. I do understand that you don't want to spoil it but you could have updated this blog after the event.. urrrghh.. what a waste of time!

dale said...

Sorry to have wasted your time. FWIW we have our sponsors pastel drawings. We found an artist in Davao that made us a set of pastel drawings based on the theme of a boy and a girl doing things together. Primary colors used were of course the colors of our wedding.

Anonymous said...

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